About Us

Project I AM ARTS is a creative and interactive online platform for kids. Our dynamic and constantly evolving workshop-based video lessons allows kids to learn at their own pace, explore a wide range of creative arts disciplines, engage in a curriculum framework, and create final projects. We allow kids to explore, engage, and obtain empowerment through the arts. 

Project I AM ARTS offers a library of workshops provided by a wide range of Creative Teaching Artists. Learners can explore six various arts-based disciplines including cultural arts, movement arts, musical arts, theatrical arts and visual arts, and expressive arts.

Our Mission

  • We’d like to think ourselves as the “Netflix for Creative Arts Learning” for kids
  • Our mission is to re-vitalize the role of professional Teaching Artists through sustained engagements
  • We aim to provide schools, parents, teachers and students with a creative arts learning curriculum
  • We strongly believe that Teaching Artists can fill the gaps to increase equity, vitality and accessibility of arts education

Our Story

I AM ARTS has strategically partnered with community organizations and schools to provide quality arts educational curricula. We are recognized for our superior levels of creative & theatrical performance. Our arts-based integrated model utilizes dance, drama, visual arts, poetry, music, storytelling, movement arts and cultural arts within our performance presentations.

We designed a blended online learning curriculum to accompany the artistic training and exploration for our youth students. However, the impact of Covid-19 pandemic inspired us to think out of the box and provide an opportunity to impact students across the globe. Now more than ever, the realization of virtual platforms must not only be creatively engaging; but developed for the preservation and sustainability of the arts.

We are excited to expand our existing online platform and re-vitalize the role of professional teaching artists through sustained engagements. Thus, creating the emergence of Project I Am Arts. We believe our teaching artists will fill the gaps to increase equity and accessibility of arts education within our communities and schools.