Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to become a virtual and global community where creative discovery & artistic practice will become a way of life. We believe that interactive teaching is simply instructing kids to be actively involved in their learning process and there are various ways to engage their interest. Project I AM ARTS chose to asynchronously design & utilize brain-based activities and tools that interlocks and uses of all the multiple intelligences. For student accountability and success, guidance and supervision by parents and/or teachers is essential for the productivity of the learner.

Our Pedagogy

I AM ARTS pedagogy was designed to have kids learn at their own pace, engage in a wide range of instructional activities, and create projects to practice and showcase what they’ve learned. The curriculum allows kids to be actively engaged by allowing them in the think and reflect on what they are learning, how they are learning, and the significance of what they are learning.

Our 3 Pillars


(Artistic Practice)


(Creative Practice)


(Authentic Practice)

Creative Teaching Artists

I AM ARTS Teachers are recruited with intentionality; for the talents they bestow are deeply immersed in passion and personality. Our instructional basis is multi-dimensional and will inspire a new wave of “Young Creatives”. We expect our teaching artists to transcend traditional mindsets. It’s not “what you do”, but it’s “who you are”. We challenge you to go deeper into your pedagogical practices to create engaging and “out of the box” lessons that will keep the interest of kids.

Equity & Accessibility

We strategically partner with families and educational organizations including public, private, charter, and homeschools. Kids from all around the world can be exposed to diverse teachers of different multi-cultural backgrounds. Our workshop Wednesday’s are another accessible live opportunity for students to partake in workshops twice a month simply by reserving their spots.

Project-based Learning

Kids learn best when they are interested in the subject and when there is a final project that culminates their learning experience. By offering freedom of choice for high-quality workshops, there is interest for every learner. Learners can explore new passions, encounter new perspectives, and build new skills by exploring workshops with peers who share similar interests.

Enriching Social Interactions

To provide a interpersonal experience our kids participate in a Social Creative Community where they their interests are peaked, and where they actively communicate and interconnect with other artistic kids. 

Our Hybrid/Blended Model

Our workshops can be enjoyed online or face-to-face. Contact us for further information. This can be a viable option for your organization.