Creative Arts Disciplines

exploratory cultural workshops with emphasis on awareness, sensitivity, and insight to other cultural practices, dances, music, food, and languages.

Capoeira | African Drum

exploratory workshops with student’s emphasis on self-expression, confidence and various enrichments to help learners express themselves artistically and creatively through fashion, cosmetology, and personal wellness.

Cosmetology | Fashion | Fitness | Yoga

exploratory movement workshops that allows students to perform and express ideas, feelings, experiences, and/or solutions to a provided movement activity

Ballet | Belly Dance | Hip Hop | Jazz

exploratory music workshops with student’s emphasis on instrumental performance, vocal expression, composing, reading, analyzing, arranging, creating, and “music-making” including singing, rapping, and producing musicals

Guitar | Violin | Music Production

exploratory theater-based workshops with students’ emphasis on theatrical creative processes, drama techniques, aspects of theatrical performance, construction, and production

Acting | Musical Theater | Improv

exploratory visual arts workshops with student’s emphasis on creating art, learning to criticize or appreciate art, and create personal interpretation and artistic voice

Painting | Drawing | Ceramics